IMPORTANT! Please read this Policy before using APPscreener services

This page outlines the mechanisms and procedures Solar Security (“We”) has taken to deliver its secured cloud-based Application Security services (“APPscreener service”).

Data Storage and Processing

  • We operate our appSreener service from the United States. If you are located in another country, please be aware that information we collect will be transferred to and processed in the United States. By using APPScreener service, or providing us with any information, you fully understand and unambiguously consent to this transfer, processing and storage of your information in the United States, a jurisdiction in which the privacy laws may not be as comprehensive as those in the country where you reside and/or are a citizen. 

  • Software analysis is performed automatically and without human intervention.

  • Your files uploaded to the APPScreener service are private to your Account

  • Scan results are treated just as securely as your uploads, you own them and control them. Results are deleted securely by users.

  • Analysis results are saved in report form, and source code is deleted from the Software immediately after analysis is finished (nevertheless reports can include small fractions of analysed source code to illustrate identified vulnerabilities).

  • Client – Server Connection is encrypted using TLS in transit

Multi-layered protection

  • Role-based access controls - End user viewing, access and uploading permissions.

  • Administrative auditing - manage users, groups, and access permissions, and audit user activity

  • Protection of your privacy – Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Comprehensive security at every level

  • Highly scalable and redundant online infrastructures

  • Constant monitoring of production systems

  • Ongoing threat assessments

  • Company performs dynamic and static scans on any code changes we make to our software.

Protection at the network level

  • Servers reside behind sophisticated firewall that selectively grants access to network resources

  • External penetration testing performed for system security and validation

  • Multiple internet backbone connections provide routing redundancy and high-performance connectivity

  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) continuously monitors network traffic

Protection at the facilities level

  • Servers hosted in redundant facilities, which are automatically backed up to a geographically-separated site

  • Data centers implement ongoing audits, 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance, on-site security staff, mantraps and strict access controls

  • Power systems feature multiple power feeds, UPS devices and backup generators ensure continuous operation

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